LCHS Global Client

Our clients, though from different backgrounds, geographies and professions, are typically “self-made” and share several common characteristics:

I worked hard for my money and do not want to lose it.

I have a healthy skepticism about the markets and providers.

I am comfortable doing things differently than most.

I am cost conscious but willing to pay for added value.

I think my advisors should invest in the things they recommend to me.

I do not want to be sold anything.

I’d rather have people working for me than be someone’s customer.

When it comes to managing your wealth ask yourself a question...

A Simple Choice

Do I want to be some institution’s customer?


Would I prefer to have a team working for me?

If you would prefer to have a Chief Investment Officer and investment team working for you, objectively overseeing, investing and reporting on your assets and investment performance, then our family investment office may be right for you.

But How Would That Work?

An Accomplished CIO

An Accomplished CIO

An accomplished Chief Investment Officer who knows you personally, speaks with you directly and invests in the same things he recommends.

Independent, Unfiltered Views

Independent, Unfiltered Views

Unfiltered and unbiased perspective and advice about what is happening in the markets and where to invest.

A Professional Infrastructure

A Professional Infrastructure

A welcoming team of professionals who know you and your situation and work to get things done in a way that benefits you the most.



An honest conversation about what you are invested in, what is working and what is not.

A Sounding Board

A Sounding Board

A sounding board for you about investments you are considering or have made.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Comfort in knowing that your investments and your family will be fine should something unexpected happen to you.


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